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About H2O Home Improvements, LLC - A Lynchburg Pressure Washer You Can Depend On

Pressure washing contractor

H2O Home Improvements, LLC isn't just a pressure washer company in Lynchburg - we're a family-oriented, community-based, and hard-working establishment dedicated to providing your home or business with the best quality of services.

Our founder, Hunter Sprinkle, is a committed husband, loving father, and dedicated community leader. He spent his time being a pressure washer on the side while holding a full-time job as a purchasing agent. Then, during the pandemic, he was laid off from his job. So what did he do? He became a pressure washer - full-time. He built this business from the ground up and gives back to his community with pressure washing in Lynchburg.

H2O Home Improvements, LLC is a small pressure washer business born out of love and commitment, but make no mistake, we are BIG on dedication, hard work, and excellent service.

We provide a variety of services, both commercial and residential:

  • Pressure Washing & Soft Washing
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Christmas Light Installation

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