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History of Christy and Sons Painting

The Early Years

Company Co-founders Cliff and Christy Tucker meet in the Philippine Islands in1984, while Cliff was serving his country in the U.S. Navy. After ten years of service and eight years of marriage, a decision was made to leave the service and pursue a career in the civilian world. The year was 1993 a young family of five took a leap of faith. It was not simply a matter of leaving one job for another; it was leaving behind an outstanding career. It was a difficult choice to make between the love of family and a career which afforded both security and opportunity.

Time of Transition

At that time while residing in Chicago, Cliff had taken a job as an air compressor technician which required long periods of time away from family. Cliff had been born and raised in the Saint Louis area and his parents and brother still resided there, while his job was in Chicago his heart was home in Saint Louis. In early spring of 1994 the phone rang and it was Cliff’s father announcing that he was able to get Cliff an interview at the Ford plant. Call it an answer to prayer, because three weeks later we were moving home to Saint Louis and a new chapter was to begin.

A Company Born of Adversity

Though rumors of the plant closing go as far back as the 1960s, no one really believed them to be true. In early 2000 the rumors this time would be true as the company announced that the plant would indeed be closing in only a few short years. It was during this time of transition and adversity that Christy and Sons Quality Painting was born.

Having never been self-employed, the early years were extremely hard and the company was struggling to stay afloat. With only a love for painting and bringing the lessons learned from my years in the Navy (Honor, Pride and Integrity) to bear, the company began to succeed and that success has grown and continues to this day.

Present Day

The owners of Christy and Sons have created a culture of excellence, quality and honesty which is shared by all its employees. We at Christy and Sons strive to differentiate ourselves from the standard contractor model; our mission is to cultivate a relationship with our clients based on trust and friendship. This is our number one priority with in the community as we seek to deliver an exceptional experience rather than merely a job.

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