Complete Office Painting in Troy IL

Complete Office Painting

At Christy and Sons Quality Painting, our Troy commercial painters are called upon to conduct the most extensive whole-property beautification tasks. In this project, we revitalized the look of a office building from every vantage point. Our team cleaned the property's interior, painted ceilings and walls, and hung and textured drywall.

As can be shown by these totals, our commercial painting contractors can accomplish any painting and property cleaning goal:

  • Painted 3000 sq feet ceilings.
  • Painted 8000 sq feet interior walls.
  • Painted 7 doors.
  • Painted 300 linear feet trim.
  • Hung 400 sq feet dry wall.
  • Textured 900 sq feet orange peel texture.
  • Power washed 5000 sq feet of exterior walls and soffit.

As always, we utilize the highest quality painting materials during all of our efforts:

  • 20 gallons Sherwin Williams Super Paint (Online Grey) walls.
  • 14 gallons Sherwin Williams CHB Ceiling Paint (Brilliant White).
  • 3 gallons Sherwin Williams Super Paint (Real Red) accent walls.
  • 1 gallon Sherwin Williams Duration (Custom Black) interior doors and trim.
  • 1 gallon Sherwin Williams Duration (Desert Sand) exterior doors and trim.
  • 5 bags USG Easy Sand 90 joint compound.
  • 8 sheets USG sheet rock 1/2 inch
  • 2 gallons Sherwin Williams siding cleaner.
  • 2 gallons Simple crean cleaner.

Troy, IL

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