Factors That Can Effect Any Exterior Paint Job

Factors That Can Effect Any Edwardsville, Il Exterior Paint Job

Painting your home on your own may save you money in the short-run, but there can be many unforeseen long-term consequences. Hiring a trained profession who specializes in exterior house painting in Edwardsville can help you avoid these consequences. There are many reasons a do-it-yourself paint job might in failure. Here are a few of the most common reasons.

  1. Wet Surfaces Paint does not adhere to wet surfaces, and it usually takes at least one day for paint to dry. If the exterior of your home is saturated, it may take several additional days. If it still refuses to dry, you may have to repaint the exterior completely.
  2. Cold Temperatures Depending on the type of paint you use, the ideal temperature for painting the outside of your home is between 40 and 50 degrees. Anyone considering exterior house painting in Edwardsville should remember that these temperatures must be consistent for at least 24 hours. The higher the temperature is, the faster your paint will dry.
  3. Hot Temperatures Painting when it is above 90 degrees is not recommended, and temperature blisters can form on the paint’s surface. During especially hot days, the part of the house facing away from the sun should be painted first. If blistering does occur, allow the paint to dry for a few days, and then scrape them away.
  4. Humidity Humidity originating from inside the house can easily compromise your paint job. This is very important to remember if you perform exterior painting in Edwardsville. Warm, moist air can escape through the siding, and prevent the paint from drying properly. This is especially true if you are painting near the kitchen or bathroom.

Hire a Professional Before you decide to go at it alone, remember that moisture and temperatures can negatively impact any paint job. A painting professional can help you avoid these costly mishaps and save you money in the future. By keeping these things in mind, and hiring an expert, you will see that painting the outside of your home is easier than you imagined.

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